Is The Multiverse Real?

What is the multiverse and is it real?

How Can We Tell The Distance To Stars?

How can we measure the distance to stars?

What Is The Most Important Invention In Human History? (ft. Ryan North)

We discuss the most fundamentally important inventions in human history. Featuring Ryan North.

Listener Questions

We answer questions from listeners! The speed of light, the center of the universe and lasers!

What Is A Quantum Computer?

What is a quantum computer and how does it work?

What Happens When Galaxies Collide?

Will our lives be affected when the Milky Way collides with Andromeda?

Why Is Gravity So Weird?

Why is gravity so much weaker than the other forces?

Is the Universe pixelated?

Is there a shortest possible distance? Or can you cut space in half forever?

Are there other Earths out there?

How many liveable planets are out there, and can we reach them?

Was/Is There Life On Mars?

What do we know about life on Mars?