What's Under The Ice On Europa?

This moon of Jupiter has an ENORMOUS ocean. Does anything live in it?

What's The Biggest "Thing" in The Universe?

Planets, stars, galaxies, clusters, then what? What defines a "thing" and how big can they get?

Listener Questions 2.0

Join Daniel and Jorge as they respond to 4 questions from listeners, just like you!

What Is A Superconductor?

How does a super conductor work?

What Was Oumuamua?

 What was that strange rock that passed through our solar system in 2017?

What Are Quantum Fields?

Quantum Field Theory, explained!

What Is Time Dilation?

Why does time slow down when you go fast?

Why Do We Have Stars?

Why are there stars and planets and not just smooth matter everywhere?

How Does A Laser Work?

What makes a laser a laser? Pew Pew Pew!? Zap Zap Zap!?

How Old Is The Universe?

How long has the Universe been cooking, and how do we know?