Will the Higgs-Boson destroy the universe?

Learn how the Higgs-Boson could unravel the universe with Daniel and Jorge

How to see pictures of dinosaurs (featuring XKCD creator Randall Munroe)

Daniel and Jorge are looking into the past with XKCD comic creator Randall Munroe.  You can find his new book "How to: Absurd Scientific Advice for Common Real World Problems" here

What is the physics behind skipping stones?

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How do microwaves work?

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What are Tardigrades?

How did tardigrades end up on the moon? Today we're joined by special guest Prof. Brian Keating

What was the first particle ever discovered? And how was it discovered?

What does it mean to be first? Join Daniel and Jorge to learn about the first ever particle discovered.

Why is half of the moon always hidden?

Visit the far side of the moon with Daniel and Jorge

What is a graviton?

Join Daniel and Jorge to find out the secrets of the universe.

What would happen on earth if the moon disappeared?

The moon has just been deleted from the simulation. What will happen here on earth?

Listener Questions 5

Daniel and Jorge answer questions from listeners, like you!