Right Now in Daniel and Jorge Explain the Universe

What is the hexagon on saturn?

Is it natural or artificial? 

What is Quantum Tunneling?

Hint: It's not tunnels in switzerland.

Can you sail on light?

How can we travel through the universe without running out of fuel? Find out today with Daniel and Jorge.

What is the densest thing in the universe?

EXTREME UNIVERSE! What has the most stuff stuffed into it?

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What do Quarks taste like?

Quarks have flavor and color but what do they taste and look like? 

Listener Questions 4

Daniel and Jorge answer questions from listeners, like you!

What is the brightest thing in the universe?

EXTREME UNIVERSE! (Hint: It's not the sun)

Is the Earth round?

How do we know the earth is actually round and not just "global conspiracy?"

How can we see Dark Matter?

We know it exists but what is it and how can we see it?

Listener Questions 3

Daniel and Jorge answer questions from listeners, like you!

What Is Radiation?

Is it bad or good or spicy or mild?

What Is the Hottest Thing In The Universe?

How hot can it get? Is there an upper limit to temperature? 

What Is A Dyson Sphere?

We're not talking about your vacuum cleaner!

Bad Science Questions

Daniel and Jorge welcome Ethan, host of the Podcast Bad Science, and answer his questions about the universe.

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What Is Quantum Spin?

Everybody talks about it, but what IS it?

What Is The Emptiest Place In The Universe?

What constitutes a vacuum? Can space ever really be empty?

What's In Jupiter's Great Red Spot?

What is the Eye of Jupiter?

Will A Gamma Ray Burst Kill You?

What are gamma ray bursts, and are they dangerous?