Right Now in Daniel and Jorge Explain the Universe

What is the physics behind skipping stones?

Find out how skipping stones works today with Daniel and Jorge

How do microwaves work?

Find out how microwaves work with Daniel and Jorge

What are Tardigrades?

How did tardigrades end up on the moon? Today we're joined by special guest Prof. Brian Keating

What was the first particle ever discovered? And how was it discovered?

What does it mean to be first? Join Daniel and Jorge to learn about the first ever particle discovered.

Why is half of the moon always hidden?

Visit the far side of the moon with Daniel and Jorge

What is a graviton?

Join Daniel and Jorge to find out the secrets of the universe.

What would happen on earth if the moon disappeared?

The moon has just been deleted from the simulation. What will happen here on earth?

Listener Questions 5

Daniel and Jorge answer questions from listeners, like you!

What would happen if the sun became a black hole?

Listen to Daniel and Jorge answer a hypothetical question in today's episode

What are white holes?

You've heard of black holes but what are white holes?

Take a cruise of the exoplanets

Put on your stretchy pants and join Daniel and Jorge while they take you a guided cruise of the exoplanets.

How old is the earth?

How do we know the age of the earth?

Do aliens exist?

Today Daniel and Jorge answer questions from Karah and Oz, the hosts of the podcast Sleepwalkers.

Listen to Sleepwalkers here

Can you see an electron or other tiny particles?

If you were Ant-Man and shrunk to the quantum realm. What would that actually look like?

What is the strongest magnet in the universe?

EXTREME UNIVERSE: What is the strongest magnet in the universe?

Why haven't aliens visited us?

What is the best way to explore the galaxy?

What is the Weak Force?

Find out about the Weak Force on today's podcast with Daniel and Jorge.

What is Cold Fusion?

Will we ever be able to create unlimited energy with cold fusion?

How do you make gold?

Where does gold come from? Can scientists make it?

How do MRIs work?

What is an MRI and how does it work?