Right Now in Daniel and Jorge Explain the Universe

Scientists recently discovered a supposed fifth force of the universe. Is it real and what does it mean for physics?

Listener Questions 7

Could you build a real death star? How do black holes begin? Where the heck is Jorge? Daniel and Jorge answer questions from listeners like you!

The mystery of the missing neutrinos

How did physicists lose trillions of neutrinos? 

Where is the coldest place in the Universe?

EXTREME UNIVERSE: Where is the coldest place in the Universe?

Is our solar system weird?

Is our solar system similar to others or is it unique?

Who ordered the muon?

This mysterious particle is part of our Universe, but not part of the atom

Can science predict what you will do?

Does free will really exist?

Is it possible to send messages faster than light using quantum entanglement?

With vast distances between habitable planets how will we eventually communicate with aliens?

Is there weather in space?

Is space weather something that exists? Can it affect us here on earth. Find out the answer to this and many other questions with Daniel and Jorge.

News from the Solar System

Listen for up to date news about suprising developments in our solar system.

Contest for naming Saturn's newly discovered moon.

Journey to the Beginning of Time (featuring Dan Hooper)

A conversation with astrophysicist Dan Hooper about his new book, At the Edge of Time

What's in the asteroid belt?

What do we know about the asteroid belt and what can we learn from it?

Does Quantum Mechanics make sense?

Learn about the concept of quantum mechanics and what our understanding of it is.

Can we build a warp drive?

The distance between stars is massive. Can we build a warp drive to allow us to travel between the stars faster?

How do we know the photon is real?

What is a photon and how do we know it exists? Particle Physicist Professor Daniel Whiteson explains the photon.

Can you imagine a color you've never seen?

What is color and how do we perceive it? How many colors are there? UCI particle physicist Professor Daniel Whiteson explains the science of colors and answers some listener questions as well.

What is the cosmic microwave background?

Daniel is joined by guest Dr. Crystal Dilworth to discuss the cosmic microwave background.

Listener Questions 6

Daniel and Jorge answer questions from listeners, like you!

What are fermi bubbles?

What do we know about fermi bubbles?

How many stars can you see in the night sky with the naked eye?

How many stars can we see in the sky? Thousands? Billions?